Just a developer for fun

'I'm proud to present my new website, after more than 2 years down!

Actually, you can see that it's not ready yet though.

There are lots of issues, for only few features. Don't worry, it's "normal" :-)

Anyway, do not hesitate to come back some times to see if something new cames up.

The purpose of the site is to have a place to put whatever I want :P But mostly professionnal stuff.

A blog will arrive soon, it should be ready for february 2017. Do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter to receive news.

Backend :

    - 'java-8'
    - 'spring-boot'
    - 'undertow'
    - 'camel'
    - 'activemq'
    - 'mariadb',


    - 'php-7'
    - 'composer'
    - 'SlimFramework 3'
    - 'twig'
    - 'grunt'

If you want to give me some feedbacks, I will be more than grateful : contact@bittich.be

Published by Nordine Bittich

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